Indian Clothing Label Fusing Fashion and Sustainability

ADAGIO translates to 'Slow Tempo'.

Here at ADAGIO, we stay true to our name by adhering to and creating slow-fashion in India. We release small capsule collections in limited quantities, which are hand-crafted with love and made-to-order. The label was founded with a view to cater to the modern woman keeping design, quality and comfort at the forefront.

The label is an extension of our founder’s personal style and features classic and feminine silhouettes. ADAGIO is easy-chic yet dressy. ADAGIO is everyday yet occasion. We tend to use luxurious local fabrics such as cotton and linen which are breathable, skin-friendly and bio-degradable.

Our made-to-order model and in-house manufacturing enables us to take size and design customizations. We understand that all bodies are unique and that there is beauty in diversity which is a driving force for our label to be size inclusive.

Releasing season-less capsule collections eliminates mass production vis-à-vis Fast Fashion making us a part of the slow-fashion movement.

Our Founder

Sutaa Arvind Yadav founded ADAGIO in September 2019. A lawyer by education, she earned her Law Degree in 2018 and Worked as a lawyer the following year of 2018-2019 only to realize where her heart truly lies. ​

Having literally grown up with and around Design, Garment Manufacturing, Fabric Manufacturing, Fabric and Yarn Dyeing owing to her Father's business as an exporter of the above said, there was nothing more than fascinated her and fueled her passion. ​

Since a very young age, she had been working with tailors and designers in the factory to design, create and wear her own garments garnering a positive response throughout. As she stepped into adulthood, the passion for design, fashion and style only kept increasing which eventually turned into the birth of ADAGIO. ​

Her vision for ADAGIO was to create a sustainable brand that would do justice to Natural Fabrics and the beautiful women wearing them. The label is an extension of our founder's personal style and features mostly classic, fluid and simplistic silhouettes. It is structured yet feminine which perfectly fits the modern woman of today who is powerful yet elegant at the same time​.